Mass protests in Belarus We prevented an attempt at a revolution in Belarus, says country's foreign minister

یکشنبه, 16 آذر,1399 11:12 ق.ظ

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meets with his Belarusian counterpart Vladimir Makai in Moscow.

Belarus' government say they have avoided an attempted revolution, the country's foreign minister said at a press conference in Russia on Wednesday.

Vladimir Makei made the comments as demonstrations continue in Minsk over the August 9 presidential election.

It saw long-time leader Alexander Lukashenko claim victory in a vote that critics say was rigged in his favour.

Makei, speaking alongside his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, said: "We prevented an attempt at a colour revolution in our country."

It comes after Lavrov criticised the US and NATO for making "destructive" statements on the situation in Belarus.

Mass protests: The country is now into its fourth week of protests since the disputed election, that brought widespread incredulity as official results gave Lukashenko a landslide victory with 80% of the vote.

On Tuesday, dozens of protesters and some journalists were detained as students took to the streets to demand that the authoritarian leader step down.

Belarus authorities have moved to threats of legal action and detention in an attempt to contain the unrest. Organizers of factory demonstrations have been detained, and legal proceedings brought against members of an opposition-led council.